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TerrorUS + Deez NutsAU + Backtrack + Risk It!
Total Retaliation Tour 2018

Chain Reaction

i.s.m. MOD LOUD

locatie: Muziekodroom
datum: 01.12.2018
deuren: 18u30
prijs: € 22,50 (vvk) / € 24,00 (kassa)
(de ticketprijs bevat € 1,50 reservatiekosten)
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TERROR have always been well established in the hardcore scene. Since their inception in 2002, the Californian five piece, fronted by the legendary Scott Vogel, have taken hardcore back to its roots; crushing riffs, huge choruses and consistent rhythm. Now, sixteen years after their explosion into the modern hardcore scene, the band are back with a new album. Once again TERROR firmly proves why the band champion the greatest elements of hardcore. You know what to expect! Oh yeah, 'Total Retalliation’ will be released on September 28 via Nuclear Blast. Check out their first new song ‘Mental Demolition’ https://youtu.be/6zu7kXsBGlo


18:30 deuren
19:00 Chain Reaction
19:45 Risk It!
20:30 Backtrack
21:15 Deez Nuts
22:25 Terror

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