zo 26 nov

Knuckle Puck US

Tiny Moving Parts US / Movements 

locatie: Muziekodroom Club
datum: 26.11.2017
deuren: 20u00

Poppunk uit Amerika!

Beste concertbezoeker
Met spijt in het hart moeten we melden dat de Europese Tour van Knuckle Puck volledig gecanceld wordt omwille van persoonlijke redenen bij de band. Je kan het officiële statement hieronder lezen. Er komt voorlopig geen nieuwe Belgische datum. Tickets worden automatisch terugbetaald op het rekeningnummer waarmee de reservatie gedaan is. Hopelijk tot binnenkort op een ander concert in Muziekodroom. Alle data zijn hier te vinden.
Team Muziekodroom
“The past few weeks have been incredibly challenging for many in our community, including myself. Recent news has resurfaced some things from my childhood that had been repressed. Those experiences have had lasting effects on my mental well-being.

The realization has been difficult to comprehend and challenging to work through. Due to it, Knuckle Puck will need to cancel our upcoming tour of mainland Europe and the United Kingdom. This was not an easy decision, but it is the right decision to make. It has become clear that I need to head home to begin seeking professional help to work through what I have experienced. We do not expect future touring to be affected at this time.

We are going through an incredibly trying time in our music community. It is more apparent now than ever that the space any band occupies, including my own, should be a safe space for anyone and everyone. I want to take the appropriate time to make sure I am in a healthy mental space in order to be the best person I can be for myself, for those around me, and most importantly for those we perform to.

The rest of the band and I deeply appreciate any and all support you have sent our way and hope you will be understanding of my need to be at home for some time.

Joe Taylor and Knuckle Puck"


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